Harrison Poultry, Inc. Employee Benefits

Harrison Poultry offers phenomenal benefits for ALL of our employees – both hourly and salary. This list of benefits is not meant to be comprehensive, but only serves to give you an idea of what we do for all of our employees. We are always working to make Harrison Poultry an enjoyable place to work. Our employees are our most valuable asset!



All Employees:

  • 2 extra checks per year (one before school starts back and one before Christmas) – a tradition started by our founder, Mr. Harrison, to give back to his employees to help them help their families

  • FREE medical insurance for employees - No deductible from their paycheck! (affordable family plans!)

  • ERISA Profit Sharing Retirement Plan (averages 10% of annual pay contributions each year)

  • Free paid holiday day on your birthday 

  • Paid surgery recovery time

  • Paid maternity leave for mothers

  • Wellness center on site for employees (for non-work related injuries and illnesses)

  • New break room with lockers, TVs, state of the art kitchen, and a micro market vending system

  • Weekly pay

  • Employee sales for our products

  • Occasional cookouts (lunch) provided

Hourly Employees:

  • Daily attendance bonus

  • Seniority bonus

  • Ambidextrous bonus

  • Safety bonus

Salary Employees:

  • Eligible for annual bonuses based on performance

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