David Bleth

President & CEO

Pursuing a Strong Future for Customers, Growers and Employees


Today Harrison Poultry is a thriving poultry company with a dedicated and talented team led by President and CEO David Bleth. We produce roughly 300 million live pounds of chickens per year with a product mix of primarily whole birds, bulk chicken parts and boneless chicken items. We're one of a very few remaining USA chicken plants producing a golden yellow chicken, which we sell domestically and internationally.


Customer Focused. Harrison Poultry recognizes that we're a small poultry company compared to our competitors. This is one of our greatest strengths for existing and new customers! We can quickly adapt our operation to deliver the products our customers require to have success in their business. Customer service remains a primary focus.  


Technologically Advanced. Over the last several years, we have implemented expansions and upgrades to our processing plant that make it one of the most modern, technologically advanced plants in our industry. The new feed mill opening in 2020 in the Crawfordville area will be a state-of-the-art facility complex with 21,000 tons/week of produced feed capacity.


Forward Thinking. Harrison Poultry continues to secure our future as we pursue new exciting projects and products for our customers, our growers and our employees. We look forward to building upon the past 60 years of excellence!

Harrison Poultry, Inc. Executive Management Team

We at Harrison Poultry, Inc. take the utmost pride in our management team and appreciate these members for all they do. The executive management team is tasked with overseeing every aspect of our operation. Executive management is responsible for finding the right team to work for them to come together in a joint effort to make our company the best we can be. Below are some of the hardworking faces that help make this company operate.

Andy Harris

Vice President of Operations

Devin Wood

Coorperate Human Resources Manager

James Vincent

Chief Financial Officer 

Randy Bruce

Chief Accounting Officer

Steve Schwartz

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Rick Tullos

Live Production Manager

Company and Industry Facts


  • Harrison Poultry is based in Bethlehem, GA, USA.

  • Harold Harrison, founded the company in December, 1958.

  • Harrison served as a Georgia state senator and on the board of education of Barrow County, GA, for 24 years. 

  • Harrison Poultry specializes in golden-yellow chicken, resulting from all-natural marigold flower extract in the feed.

  • We sell primarily to Hispanic markets across the U.S.

  • We sell three product lines in stores today: our oldest product, Golden GoodnessPollo Eldorado chicken and Al Marwah, a halal product.

  • Ranked number 22 out of 35 total chicken companies in size
  • Our 180,000-square-foot facility processes up to 44 million chickens a year.

  • We perform a soft scald on the chicken that's eight to 10 degrees cooler than a typical scalding process. This maintains the yellow coloring and allows a little more fat between the skin and the meat, making a more flavorful chicken.

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