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2019: Year in Review

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This past year has been an exciting time for our company. Construction is well under way for our new Live Production Complex in Crawfordville, GA. For some time now, we have also been planning the details for the construction of a new hatchery, also being located on our property in Crawfordville, GA. It is exciting for us at Harrison Poultry to partner with our owners and Board of Directors in implementing this strategic growth.

In 2019, Harrison Poultry started the long process of converting our company over to more value-added poultry products like marination and portion control boneless items. We will continue this effort in 2020 with many additional and exciting capital projects. Our R&D Department also had a busy year and developed three (3) outstanding innovative projects. These projects will keep us very busy into the future, and we are looking forward to bringing them to the market. Also in 2019, we completed the new cafeteria, locker room, and restroom projects to better our employee welfare. Currently, we are finishing up the plant office area renovations and these should wrap up this year.

So, as we turn our thoughts to 2020, expect Harrison Poultry to continue focusing on more automation projects to meet projected growth. Technology, especially artificial intelligence, is expanding potential machine capabilities at an accelerated rate. We embrace the cost-saving opportunities that it will present.

David Bleth

President & CEO

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