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HPI CEO, David Bleth, Elected 2021-2022 Chairman of the Georgia Poultry Federation

Congratulations to our CEO, David Bleth, for being elected Chairman of the Georgia Poultry Federation for 2021-2022!

What will your role entail as the chairman of the Georgia Poultry Federation?

I will oversee from a board's perspective the Federation's activities and finances

How long have you been a member of GPF?

12 years

Do you have any specific goals for this following year?

Medical insurance for our industry's growers was our biggest goal which we accomplished recently. Another is to get edible cull eggs approved for food bank distribution.

Do you anticipate any challenges due to COVID?

Yes, labor constraints continue to impact production and rising inflation continues to escalate the costs to produce.

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited to work with a legend like Abit Massey!! Mike and Laura Beth are just awesome people, it is a privilege to serve the industry with them.

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