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Ride Amigos: Helping Our Employees Rideshare To Work

Updated: May 28, 2020

Ride Amigos: Helping Our Employees Rideshare To Work

Harrison Poultry is excited to announce the launch of a new platform that will help employees find opportunities to carpool or rideshare to work.

The use of carpooling and ridesharing can reduce transportation expenses and stress, and it is better for the environment. Ride Amigos, a company that provides easy-to-use tools for rideshare and carpool users, has developed software that makes carpooling and ridesharing easier to access -- and even fun -- for people. The Ride Amigos platform makes it a breeze for interested commuters to connect with carpools and vanpools that are every bit as convenient as driving a single-occupancy vehicle. Additionally, if you don’t have a reliable vehicle to get to and from work, the platform can connect you with fellow employees who would be willing to share their ride with you! The Ride Amigos program will match employees to carpool based on your work schedule, home location, and if you can drive, ride, or both!

Harrison Poultry is paying to make the Ride Amigos program available for our employees at no cost to the employees. The use of this platform is completely voluntarily. Harrison Poultry does not own or operate Ride Amigos in any manner. It will be up to each rideshare and carpool group to determine how much and if the driver should be paid for gas. Harrison Poultry is only paying to make the program and tools available to all employees. Harrison Poultry’s suggestions for a carpool group are to rotate drivers in the carpool group each week so everyone can pay for gas when it is their week to drive, or if you are a rider only in a carpool group, talk with the carpool driver to set up a fair weekly amount to help pay for their gas.

Ride Amigos launched on Sept. 9, 2019 for current employees. New hire employees are being offered the option to sign up during their orientation. Employees with questions should contact Devin Wood.

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