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Innovation & Growth


The completion of our new feed mill in Crawfordville marked the beginning of a huge growth spurt for our company. Next we plan to turn our attentions toward growing our chicken processing capabilities. 

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We will be able to expand our customer base and meet higher demands with the growth of our company, as well as grow our HPI family by being able to take on more farmers and create more job opportunities with our future expansion.


As for our new gentle giant of a feed mill that is completed, the statistics and capabilities of it far exceed our prior 65 year-old mill. Here are a few statistics that show the vast production differences between the current and new mill.

  • Our current broiler feed requirements per week are about 5,500-6000 tons​

    • The new mill will produce 14,000 tons of feed per week with the capacity of producing 21,000 tons per week if we add a third pellet line

  • The soybean storage at our current mill is 250 tons. The new mill will have the capacity to hold 5,000 tons.

  • “Other” ingredient storage at our current mill is 450 tons. The new mill will have the capacity to hold 3,515 tons.

  • The truck receiving rate at our current mill is 120 tons/hour. The new mill will be able to receive at 240 tons/hour.

  • The new mill has 4,108 tons of finished feed storage.

  • The new mill has a mixing rate of 240 tons/hour.

  • The new mill has the capacity to hold 1,000,000 bushels of corn.

  • The rail receiving rate at the new mill is 45,000 bushels/hour.

Why crawfordville?

There was an abundant amount of thought and strategizing that went into choosing Crawfordville for our new feed mill – one of the most exciting things about the location chosen is the amount of opportunity for growth. There is a lot of space to build new houses, and there will be an increase in agricultural jobs created for Taliaferro County. We look forward to being able to expand our HPI family in this area.

Crawfordville Full Mill View South Side.
Crawfordville Sign
Crawfordville Driveway Entry-Pavement
Crawfordville Logo
Crawfordville Train
Crawfordville Truck Stop Bays
Crawfordville Production Office-Truck St
Crawfordville Live Office Lobby
Crawfordville Live Conference Room
Crawfordville Amy's Office
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