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Chicken Industry’s Enhanced Safety Measures During COVID-19

“Worker safety is not something that’s new to the chicken industry,” shares Ashley Peterson, PhD and the National Chicken Council’s Senior VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs. “It’s something that has been part of our culture for decades.”

Watch the video below, created by the National Chicken Council, to see how companies like Harrison Poultry are continuing to pursue high safety standards to keep our customers and employees safe.

At Harrison, we have implemented many of the safety protocols in the video including:

  1. Physical Distancing

  2. Personal protective equipment

  3. Temperature monitoring

  4. Sanitizing Stations

  5. Descriptive signs in multiple languages for clear explanations of procedures

  6. Dividers in break rooms

  7. Daily sanitation shifts

  8. On-site nurses

In lieu of the plexiglass barriers, Harrison opted to use face shields for the superior protection they provide our employees as they travel within the plant.

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