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Crawfordville Feed Mill Update

Harrison Poultry, Inc. is very excited about the construction of our new feed mill facility in Crawfordville, GA. Crawfordville made the perfect location to build because there is direct access to the railroad and a majority of Harrison Poultry’s contract broiler and breeder farms are within approximately a twenty-five mile radius. A ground breaking ceremony was held in December of 2018 at the A. H. Stephens State Park, and the mill has come a very long way since then. The mill structure is now as tall as it will get. It stands at 171 feet tall and the tallest piece of equipment extends off the roof at 208 feet tall. This is the largest structure in Crawfordville! As of July 14, 2020, ninety percent of the equipment has been installed in the mill. Harrison Poultry plans to have the mill running later this fall.

Below are just a few statistics to help put the capabilities and capacities of this feed mill into perspective:

  • The corn silos have the capacity to hold 1 million bushels of corn. That is 56,000,000 pounds of corn!

  • The rail receiving has the ability to unload 10-12 rail cars per hour.

  • The mixer will be able to mix a 12 ton batch of feed in three to four minutes time.

While these are just a few small details in the grand scheme of things, these numbers give a glimpse of what a grand structure this new feed mill is going to be. Harrison Poultry is very excited to be able to bring its business to Crawfordville and to continue to grow with the city in the future.

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