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Break Room Renovations

Updated: May 28, 2020

Our 2.5 Year Project is Finally Complete!

Over the last 2.5 years, we completely remodeled our old breakroom and kitchen and added enough lockers for every employee to use. There are 900 locker spaces for employees to safely store their personal belongings every day conveniently located on the way into the plant.

We added 3,100 square feet of new breakroom space to the existing breakroom square footage. We also added 700 square feet of supply room space where our employees receive their supplies each morning. There are 346 seats in the breakroom (plenty for everyone on all of our break periods) at “Waffle House” style tables, chairs, and benches. Additionally, there are 10 big screen TVs throughout the breakroom where employees can watch TV on their breaks and look for important company announcements. There is also company wifi provided in the breakroom for employee use. The breakroom features a new market fresh vending wall with fully stocked drink coolers, coffee, hot drinks, and a variety of food options. Employees simply scan their vending choices at one of two computer screens, scan their fingerprint, and are set to enjoy their choices! There is no need to keep up with loose change or cash as everyone can add money to their vending account.

We are also excited about our new kitchen! The full kitchen includes a cooler and freezer with both hot and cold serving areas. All of the equipment in the kitchen is top of the line and stainless steel. This allows us to offer hot and fresh breakfast and lunch to our employees every day. The kitchen also has a soft serve ice cream machine!

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