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Salute to the Winder Feed Mill

In 1965 our Winder feed mill began producing feed for Harrison Poultry. Over the decades the many feed mill employees, and the feed mill itself have seen many changes. Through it all Harrison Poultry relied on the Winder Feed Mill to supply our flocks with feed year after year and they served us very well.

On Thursday two weeks ago, our Winder Feed Mill produced its last ton of feed and last week we completed the sale of the Winder Feed Mill to its new owner. As we now complete the transition to our new feed mill in Crawfordville, it is appropriate to stop and recognize the end of an era for Harrison Poultry. I want to thank all those employees past and present who had a part in the operations of the Winder Feed Mill, it was one of the main cornerstones of Harrison Poultry’s business for more than a half century. We salute you all.

David Bleth

President & CEO

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