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Who We Are

Since 1958, we are a family oriented company taking pride in producing distinctive poultry products that are distributed globally. HPI produces roughly 380,000,000 live pounds of chicken per year. We are committed to making our company sustainable financially, environmentally and socially. Harrison Poultry, Inc. serves our community with respect, integrity and with the highest work ethic. Continually striving for excellence with honor, we are dedicated to building on the Harrison legacy for future generations. 

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Harrison Poultry, Inc
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The Golden Promise

We operate our company using the Golden Goodness Rule while providing the highest quality poultry products on a global basis.

The Golden Chicken​

We specialize in golden-yellow chicken, resulting from all-natural marigold flower extract in the feed.

We perform a soft scald on the chicken that's 8-10 degrees cooler than a typical scalding process.

This maintains the yellow coloring and allows a little more fat between the skin and the meat,

creating a more flavorful chicken.

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Joey Rhodes, 4-J Poultry

It’s just so easy to get along with the entire company. It’s more like you’re working with one big family. I know every one up there. It is the best company that you could possibly grow for. You get support and there’s always someone there to answer your questions. You get a lot of help and they’re fair. It’s more than you can ever ask for. It's where I want to be.

Saul Smith, Double S

It’s a good family-owned business. It provides really good income because of good management. They create a personal relationship with you that makes you feel comfortable with the entire company. I think Harrison is one of the most straight up companies. They’re honest and there is nothing hidden with them. There is nothing corporate about it. They care about you and are willing to take care of you.

Phil Harkin, Bethany Farms

It’s just been a good fit. I like that they are not a major operation because it gives you a chance to actually know the people that you are working for. All the people I come into contact with make me feel like I’m in a big family. Everyone knows who everyone is and they make you feel valued. They’ve always treated us really well.

Alison Geist, United Way

Our partnership is a long-standing, supportive and collaborative one. We are honored to have input from members of Harrison Poultry on our Board, helping direct and navigate our efforts in the community. Their contributions make a tangible difference in our communities, as we invest in impact.

What Our Partners Say About Us

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